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Review: Storm Revealed (Phantom Islanders Part II) by Ednah Walters

Lexi resigns herself to the primitive living and the strange customs of the islands but struggles with the fact that she will never see or help her brother again. As the people embrace her as Storm’s chosen mate, Lexi slowly begins to see the magic around her. 
When she discovers the truth about Storm and his people, she finally understands why he abducted her and why he needs her to stay. 

Just as her feelings start to change, someone obsessed with her strikes and threatens to destroy the island and its people. Left with no choice, Lexi makes the ultimate sacrifice. 

My Thoughts:
I had an internal battle over this novella.  I wanted to read it so bad, but I knew it would end in a cliffhanger and I knew I wouldn't want it to end.  I couldn't hold out any longer!  It was really good.  In this installment of the Phantom Islanders we get to know more about Storm's background and his connection to the evil Tullius.  Lexi is adapting to island life with bravery and spunk.  The ending was one that will leave you clinging to your sanity not knowing what will happen next!  I can't wait to read what comes next!!  I highly recommend this series.  It has such a new and creative angle on mythical pirates and sea creatures.  Plus she's added a little of my favorite subject; the Fae.  Hurry up Ednah I'm going crazy!!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Review: The Black Tempest by Ryan Dalton

It’s summer in Emmett’s Bluff, and the ice is spreading. Six months after confronting an enemy from the future, Malcolm and Valentine Gilbert have returned to their normal teenage lives. Or, they’ve tried to. During the battle to save their town, a mysterious force awoke inside the twins. Time calls to them, and it’s growing too strong to be ignored.  When warriors from a mysterious ancient kingdom appear, they bring warnings of an unstoppable foe—one whose control of the ice is powered by Time itself. But ice is far more than the Black Tempest’s signature. As the twins uncover the truth behind it, they realize their town is only the beginning. If the Black Tempest is not stopped here, his corruption will threaten the very course of history.  As cold advances and doom draws near, the twins’ only hope lies in learning to wield Time itself, and in trusting their strange new friends—even if those friends have secrets of their own. 

My Thoughts:
This book begins six months after the last book ended.  Malcolm and Valentine are just now starting to feel like things are getting back to normal.  Just as they are saying their final goodbyes to a friend lost in battle, another warrior falls into their world.   This starts a series of events that sets the twins on a path to learn just how special their relationship with time really is. 
I really enjoyed all the new elements introduced in this book.  The first book only scratched the surface of the twins possible powers.  Not only do their powers evolve but so do their relationships.  Some parts of the story were a little predictable, but others came as a complete shock.  I appreciated the realistic reactions all the characters had to their situations.  It added depth and made the book so much better.  I hope the author reveals how the twins are or became Chronauri.  This book is great for anyone who loves reading adventure.   
Recommended for ages 13 & up.  

Friday, April 7, 2017

Review: Storm ( Phantom Islanders Part I) by Ednah Walters

Pirates no longer roam the seas.
Phantom Islands don’t exist

Nanny to a wealthy family, eighteen-year old Alexandria “Lexi” Greendale sends most of what she earns home to support her disabled brother. She is determined to help him get the surgery he needs to walk again. Her dreams come to an abrupt halt when she rescues a man from drowning.

How does he repay her? Captain Storm Orath abducts her, claims her as his chosen mate, and takes her to a magical island that is centuries behind times with barbaric customs.
For Lexi to make it home to her family, she must fight the lure of the man and the island he controls, and escape, or stay trapped forever.

This is Part I of a 3-Part New Adult UF Serial about a woman and her journey of discovery, adventure, and unforgettable love.

My Thoughts:
I have spent the past few years emerged in Ednah Walters 2 universes, The Guardian Legacy & The Runes series.  I have loved every word and every detail of them both!  Now she has introduced us to a new world.  I am so excited for this fresh, new adventure.  In this first installment we meet Lexi.  She's a girl who loves her brother and will do anything she can to help him, including putting up with her step-monster and putting off college and her dreams.  Once Storm enters her life nothing makes sense.  Her already complicated life reaches new levels of crazy.  Lexi keeps her eyes on what she wants and is determined to get back home to her family no matter what.  Lexi is a strong, capable character who will no doubt give Storm a run for his money!  Storm is a guy who is used to getting what he wants.  He takes care of his own and now he's decided Lexi is HIS.  I can't wait to unlock the many secrets this series holds. 
Recommended for 16 & up.  Moderate sexual situations and violence.

I also recommend Ednah's other series as well.  She is an amazing author!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Release Day!!! And Review - Goddess ( A Runes Novel) by Ednah Walters

Goddess by Ednah Walters
 Runes Novel, Book 7
Genre: YA Fantasy


Amazon UK:

Cora Jemison has come a long way from her stint in a psych ward and her fear of the dead. A confident Medium, she allows souls to possess her to help them find closure. When she decides to tell her parents the truth, that she still sees the dead and that her fiancé is a soul reaper, the Jemisons reveal secrets of their own.

Her world starts to crumble, the ripple effect threatening to destroy the one thing she can always count on. Her relationship with Echo. Cora must sort through the lies to learn the truth about who and what she is. Only then can she embrace her destiny and claim her soul mate, Echo.

My Thoughts:
I was so excited to read Cora's story!  This did not disappoint!  As I've said in reviews past, Ednah has such a gift with weaving all aspects and different views of the story into a multi-dimensional universe!  Cora and Echo have such a sweet & spicey love story.  I melt every time I read something new from their story.  I really enjoyed all the new relationships Cora developed and even the new one she had with Eirik.  Cora has turned into a character just as wonderful and loveable as Raine.  It's hard knowing this series is coming to an end.  It's like preparing to say goodbye to dear friends.  You will love this series if you haven't already succumbed to its magic!! 



USA Today bestselling author Ednah Walters holds a PhD in Chemistry and is a stay-at-home mother of five. She writes about flawed heroes and the women who love them. Whether shes writing about valkyries, pirates, nephilim, or contemporary millionaires and billionaires, love, family, and friendship play crucial roles in all her books.

Her award-winning YA Paranormal RomanceRunes Series
started with Runes and has a total of 9 books to date. The next one, Goddess, will be released in 2017.  

Her YA Urban Fantasy seriesThe Guardian Legacy Series is published by Spencer Hill Press (BeaufortBooks). The series focuses on the Nephilim, children of the fallen angels. GL Series started with Awakened and has a total of 4 books.

Ednah also writes Contemporary Romance as E.B. Walters. Her contemporary works started with The Fitzgerald Family series, which has six books, and now focuses on her USA Today bestselling series, Infinitus Billionaires.

When not writing, Ednah travels with her family.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Rise of Miss Nottey by Rachel Anderson


  The Rise of Miss Notley by Rachael Anderson To escape an undesirable match, Miss Notley must give up her riches for rags. When Miss Coralynn Notley’s father barters her off to the first titled gentleman to come along, she realizes she must flee her home or be forced to wed a despicable man. Driven by desperation, she applies for the position of housekeeper at Tanglewood Manor, the home of the handsome Mr. Jonathan Ludlow. The moment Jonathan sees Miss Notley, he is intrigued. She is far too young and inexperienced for the position, yet there is something about her that that inspires a certain hope within him. Does he dare offer her the position of housekeeper or will doing so result in catastrophe? The Rise of Miss Notley is the delightful tale of a mysterious gentleman and a determined young woman, caught together in a web so tangled it begs the question: Will they ever get out?
Coming February 2017

add to goodreads   RachaelAuthor Rachael Anderson A USA Today bestselling author, Rachael Anderson is the mother of four and is pretty good at breaking up fights, or at least sending guilty parties to their rooms. She can't sing, doesn't dance, and despises tragedies. But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread, which she is really good at eating.
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Friday, December 30, 2016

Review: Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levensellar

A 17-year-old pirate captain intentionally allows herself to get captured by enemy pirates in this thrilling YA adventure.

If you want something done right . . .

When the ruthless pirate king learns of a legendary treasure map hidden on an enemy ship, his daughter, Alosa, knows there's only one pirate for the job—herself. Leaving behind her beloved ship and crew, Alosa deliberately facilitates her own kidnapping to ensure her passage on the ship, confident in her ability to overcome any obstacle. After all, who's going to suspect a seventeen-year-old girl locked in a cell? Then she meets the (surprisingly perceptive and unfairly attractive) first mate, Riden, who is charged with finding out all her secrets. Now it's down to a battle of wits and will . . . . Can Alosa find the map and escape before Riden figures out her plan?

Debut author Tricia Levenseller blends action, adventure, romance, and a little bit of magic into a thrilling YA pirate tale.

My Thoughts: 
I loved that this book was from a female pirate's POV.  The book was interesting and a fun read.  Alosa was not your typical female character.  Not once she plat the damsel in distress.  She was witty and smart.  I loved her strength and tenacity.  She has many secrets and does a good job of hiding them.  I can't wait to read more about her in the next installment.  Riden was wonderfully complicated.  I like characters that have some dimension to them and he did not disappoint.  He was conflicted and loyal.  He and Alosa had great banter that kept the story entertaining.  Some things I'd like to learn in the next book or books are about both of their pasts; such as how did Alosa get to be in her father's custody and what really happened to Riden's father.  Any reader looking for a fun and adventurous story will love this book.  
P.S.  I hope they do a better cover to do this book justice.

I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. 

Recommended for reader's 16 & up.
Mild to moderate sexual and adult content.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Review: Jack Templar and The Last Battle by Jeff Gunhus


  In the last book of the Jack Templar series, Jack and his friends race to stop Ren Lucre before he launches this Creach army against humankind. But the Lord of the Lesser Creach and the Lord of the Zombies hold the last two Jerusalem Stones Jack needs to have any chance of success. To make matters worse, the Oracle predicts that one of their group will die in the upcoming fight, and Jack discovers betrayal among those he trusts most. Even so, Jack must find the courage to lead his friends into battle. Either they collect the Stones in time to defeat Ren Lucre or die trying. It’s "Do your duty, come what may" no matter the cost. The fate of the world hangs in the balance. amazon add to goodreads

My Thoughts:

As with all great series there's a bitter-sweet feeling when it ends.  On one hand I'm glad to see how things have turned out.  On the other hand I'm sad the adventure is over.  I've loved this series from the first book.  I've become so attached to Jack, Eva, Daniel, Will, T-Rex & Xavier.  They've all changed and grown so much; each of them conquering their own personal demons.  In the end they all stayed true to themselves.  Jack discovered the true value and power in their bond of friendship.  From the beginning chapter to the last epic battle this book was loaded with adventure.  I can't help but hope it will become a series of movies that I can fan-girl over.  I've recommended this series to countless people looking for a great story and EXCEPTIONAL writing.  My daughter, a 7th grader, LOVES this series and tells all her friends about it.  I don't have to tell you what high praise that is!  If you haven't started this series I don't know what more you're waiting for.  Packed full of adventure, witty dialogue and "lol" moments this series is bound to get even a reluctant reader interested.  I can't wait to see what Jeff Gunhus will entertain us with next.  

Excerpt from the book:

The old hag, because that’s what she was now, laughed in a low chugging sound that rattled around in her chest. She held out a hand toward me, clenched into a fist. Slowly, she opened it with her palm up. Resting in her hand was the Jerusalem Stone I’d left her.
“You tried to use it,” I said. “You promised you wouldn’t.”
“And I lied,” the witch hissed. “What? Did you think only the Black Guard could tell lies? Only hunters were allowed to break their vows?”
The fire in the hearth blazed higher as if feeding off her bitterness and anger. In the light, I saw that the hand holding the Stone was curled into a claw. Worse, it was blackened. No, worse than blackened. It was charred as if the Stone had caught fire but she’d refused to let it go.
“What did you try to make it do?” I asked. In my heart, I knew the answer, yet I had to ask. Everything that had happened since walking into the cottage somehow felt out of my control. Like I was on a path I couldn’t get off. And I had a bad feeling the path was leading me somewhere I didn’t want to go.
“Why is it that I’m made to suffer?” she asked, ignoring my question. She took a hobbling step closer. “I was the one who was wronged. You see that, don’t you? Anyone can see that.”
I remembered the dozens of Talib, the small-bodied creatures that had been everywhere the last time we were there. Each one had an identical head grown in the witch’s cauldron. All of them made to look like her murdered son.
“Where are the Talib?” I asked.
She clutched the Jerusalem Stone in her hand, and smoke rose from her fist. The air reeked with a burning smell. “I just wanted … I wanted …,” she whimpered. “I just wanted to take back what those monsters stole from me.”
As she said the words, I looked past her to the wall where the firewood was stacked from floor to ceiling. Only now, I realized it wasn’t firewood at all. It was all the heads of the Talib, rows and rows of bodiless heads, piled up ten or twelve high across the length of the wall, their eyes all open and staring at me.
She noticed me staring and turned toward the heads.
“I tried to bring him back,” she said. “You can see how hard I tried. But the Stone refused to work for me. I knew I should wait until I had three, but I was impatient. I thought one might do it. I thought that one might be enough.”
My body tensed. What she was saying wasn’t far off from my own thoughts. I hoped the reunited Jerusalem Stones would be enough to turn both Eva and Daniel back into their human forms. Shakra, the Lord of the Vampires, had told me it could be done, that she knew the Stones had performed this transformation before. But bringing someone back from the dead? That was entirely different.
“But what happened? Why are they all …all …?”
“Why are all my children without bodies?” the witch asked. “Because the second I tried to use the Stone, somehow all the magic I’d used to bring them alive was gone. The heads just rolled off onto the ground. The bodies, the ones I’d spent so many years gathering, all fell to the ground. Worthless.” She turned as she spoke and stared into the fire, losing herself in the flames. “I should have waited,” she mumbled. “Should have waited to get the other Stones.”
Her hand with the Jerusalem Stone in it fell open again. That terrible smoke stopped. Somehow, I had to get that Stone and get out of there. I was starting to regret coming by myself. “Bella,” I said. “You and I made a pact. You swore on your son’s name that you would return that Stone to me if I was able to get the Stone from the Lord of the Demons. I’m going to unite the five and defeat Ren Lucre for good. Give it to me so that I can continue my quest and make him finally pay for what he did to your son.”
She continued to stare into the fire, but she must have heard me because she answered in a whisper. “But you’ll fail. Just like your father before you. Just like your mother. Traitors, the both of them. In their own way.”
I took a step forward, fighting down an impulse to pull my sword. “Why do you say that? What do you know about them?” The Lord of the Demons had said something similar to me. Said I was a pawn in a game I didn’t even know I was playing. Even Aquinas had hinted there was part of the story about my parents that I didn’t know. I was starting to get a little tired of it all. I wanted answers.
The witch only smiled, pleased that I was upset. “A trade, perhaps? The other Jerusalem Stone for the truth about your parents. About Aquinas. About this fool’s quest you’re on. Give me the Stone and I’ll tell you everything.”
“Whatever you tell me will be lies,” I said.
She lunged toward me, moving faster than I imagined she could. One second she was by the fire, the next she was right in front of me, her face a grotesque sneer. “I might be the only one willing to tell you the truth,” she rasped. “Give me the Stone. Give it to me now.”
I took a quick step back and pulled my sword. “No, you give me the one I left with you,” I said. “Look at the way it’s burned your hand. Look at what trying to use it has done to you. It won’t bring your son back. I’m sorry.”
She jerked back sharply as if I’d slapped her. “You’re sorry?” she asked. “Did you say you’re sorry?”
“Give me the Stone. Please,” I said. “I don’t want to fight you.”
“You don’t have to fight me, Jack,” the witch said, clenching the Stone in her fist again. Black smoke rose from it immediately. She raised both hands over her head as if she was about to throw something at me. “All you have to do is die.”
awardaward-2 award-3 award-4
  jeff-gunhusAuthor Jeff Gunhus Jeff Gunhus is the USA TODAY bestselling author of thriller and horror novels for adults and the middle grade/YA series, The Templar Chronicles. The first book, Jack Templar Monster Hunter, was written in an effort to get his reluctant reader eleven-year-old son excited about reading. It worked and a new series was born. His books for adults have reached the Top 30 on Amazon, have been recognized as Foreword Reviews Book of the Year Finalists and reached the USA TODAY bestseller list. After his experience with his son, he is passionate about helping parents reach young reluctant readers and is active in child literacy issues. As a father of five, he leads an active life in Maryland with his wife Nicole by trying to constantly keep up with their kids. In rare moments of quiet, he can be found in the back of the City Dock Cafe in Annapolis working on his next novel or on

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